Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Numbers Don’t Lie

After poking at different ideas for this blog, it seems doomed regardless of what I do.  I accept full blame for not having maintained it very well, nor sticking to a common theme.  But let’s face it, the name “skatterbrainz” should be kind of obvious, right?  Oh well.  I may continue to post something once in a while, but without much feedback it’s hard to plot a course for future effort and my future time is becoming extremely compressed anyway.  For those of you that have posted feedback over the past year or two: thank you very much.  For those that sent e-mails, thank you as well.  I just don’t have anything to share online it seems.  I’m really not doing anything exciting that stokes the ideas to write about.  I’m pretty much living a routine life at the moment.  Work, eat, sleep, kids baseball and chores.  In between is commuting (64 miles every day) and I’m getting burned out.  If anything exciting happens, I’ll post about it.  In the meantime: God speed, God bless and stay well.  Cheers!

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