Thursday, January 7, 2010

CLI vs GUI – Round, uhhhhh, 427,300,405 ?

So I took my semi-frequent stroll over to the UNIX guys on the other side of our office from where us civilized, well-fed Windows nerds reside.  I like them enough.  They’re good folks and enjoy a good joke.  But I had to chuckle when I noticed all their Solaris and AIX monitors had a GUI desktop with multiple Terminal consoles open and command text running amok.  I smiled and asked “so, why don’t you just boot into a pure CLI instead?”  I got no verbal answer, just a smirk or two.  So I continued on: “so…., you guys find it helpful to jump between the CLI windows by way of them floating around in a GUI?”  I got a couple of laughs, but man, I walked away feeling like I won the lottery.

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