Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twitter Quitter – Or Bitter Shitter? – or just STFU

I decided to stop posting to Twitter, but I’m not deleting my account.  At least not yet.  I prefer to keep it active so I can watch my Twitter feeds and keep up with fast-moving information.  From what I’ve seen over the past year, breaking news and industry trend topics tend to leak out on Twitter much sooner than to web sites, TV news and so on.  Sometimes it’s too fast and things get bent out of shape, but for things like technological announcements, research and development, product updates, and event schedules it’s simply superior to anything on the traditional “web”.

Twitter is not perfect.  It’s not “for everyone” either, obviously.  But I find it disturbing how emotional people get when voicing their opinion about technical subjects.  It’s the same with Operating Systems, CAD products, ERP products, web browsers, media players, and now it’s infecting Social Networking services.  The masses are brainwashing themselves, which I’m sure makes the suits more than happy (saves them the effort).

What I’m talking about is how people knee-jerk into saying things like “___ sucks!” or “___ is stupid!” and so on.  Typical ignorant comments that scream out loud: “I haven’t got a God-damned fucking clue what I’m talking about so I’m going to mask my ignorance with brash adjectives and expletives and things like ‘stupid’, ‘dumb’ and ‘worthless’”.

I hear it when people bash Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and so on.  All the time.  It seems no one is capable of just saying: “I have tried it but it doesn’t fit my needs” and just leave it at that.  Trying to impress upon others that something is useless is disingenuous and misleading.  It’s trying to force an opinion upon someone else when you should instead recommend they just give it a try.  What the fuck ever happened to seeing things first hand?!  Remember those days?  The days of trying something yourself and making up your own mind.  (sigh) good days those were.  Ok, maybe not.  But regardless, it seems when people don’t like Facebook or Twitter, they can’t restrain themselves from prosthelytizing the pagans into repenting and giving up on them before they’ve even tried it themselves.  Sad.

So, you hate Twitter.  Who cares?  You hate Facebook.  Who cares?  You hate blogs like this one.  Who cares?  Those are rhetorical questions of course.

You cannot accurately, honestly, say to anyone “Twitter is stupid” or “Facebook is stupid” because you can’t know for sure what will (a) turn out to be useful or (b) turn out to be appealing to someone else.  Let them make up their own mind and just STFU.

Thanks.  Oh, and Merry Christmas!  Happy Hannukah!  Happy Kwanzaa!  Happy Ramadan!  and whatever else floats your boat.


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