Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Flaw with Mother Nature

I thought Nature was fault-proof.  What often seems like a mistake usually turns out to have a rational explanation that justifies it.  But I found one glaring mistake:

Ever notice how animals (mammals in particular) in cold climates often have white covering?  White fur.  White feathers (ok, fowl, not mammal, but indulge me for a moment please?) and so on.  But their shit isn’t white.  A-ha!!  A major goof.  All this camoflage and stealth and yet they drop a glaring brown turd on top of the pristine white snow blanket?  Say what?!  If Nature was foolproof, their turds would be white also.  And I’m talking about white turds from the moment of the “big pinch” not just after they freeze.  I’m lodging a complaint.

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