Saturday, November 7, 2009

What Was “New” for Me This Past Week

  • Paint.NET 3.5 was finally released (download) – I really love it!
  • Testing SkyDriveExplorer.  Some (very) minor quirks, but nice (
  • Updated my AppleTV to 3.0.  Finally!
  • Updated my Blackberry 8830 to firmware 4.5.  Finally!
  • Adjusted my Twitter-Admin setup (control my home computers via Twitter from the Blackberry, and monitor events as well)
  • Posted updates to ASP and VBScript syntax definitions for TextPad (download)
  • Installed Tigo-Tago to manage IDv3 tags on my AVI library (download)
  • Got the family (only) van repaired.  Power steering pump and hoses, and water pump both failed.  Runs great now.
  • Caught up on podcasts: Adam Carolla Show, No Agenda, CarCast, and Tech5
  • Rode the bike for only 5 miles though.  Sucky.
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