Thursday, November 5, 2009

Proof That We Are Doomed

Since Monday of this week, and it’s Thursday today, I have seen:

  • 2 “mothers” place their baby carrier (with a real baby) on the street, on the driver’s side, in the path of passing traffic, while reaching back to get more things from their vehicles.
  • 5 people open their driver’s side door as cars pass by, forcing them to swirve to avoid hitting the door (I want to take one off myself)
  • 2 dozen red Ford Mustangs
  • 2 dozen red Dodge Chargers
  • 2 dozen red Dodge Challengers
  • 4 people ordering from Starbucks asking for a “mack-ee-ah-tee” (think of a Boston accent, but they’re not from anywhere near Boston)
  • Same 4 asked for a “small”.  When the lady said “you mean ‘tall’” they disagreed.
  • Philly’s fans cheering on TV when A-Rod was hit for the third time (game 5)
  • The week’s not over yet…
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