Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Chrome Pinned Tabs Feature

Google’s ChromeOS has a really nice feature for making pinned tabs permanent, so that each time you fire it up your favorite pinned tabs remain, well, pinned.  This isn’t available within the Chrome 4.x web browser yet, at least not within the UI, but it is available via the command line.  So this means you can modify your Chrome shortcut to launch with a predefined set of tabs already pinned.  Thanks to “Randald” posting on LifeHacker for this tip by the way!

  1. Right-click the Chrome shortcut, and click Properties
  2. Modify the launch “Target” to append “ --pinned-tab-count=X” (where “X” is the number of URL tabs you want to open and have pinned)  The format is as follows:

    …chrome.exe --pinned-tab-count=X <url> <url> <url>…
  3. Be sure to use 2 dashes in front of the “pinned-tab-count=” parameter.
  4. Click OK.  Then launch the shortcut

An example of how this would look with 2 URL tabs pinned: Gmail and Google Wave…

…chrome.exe --pinned-tab-count=2

Windows 7 tip:

If you have Chrome pinned on your Task bar, when you right-click it opens the “jump list” by default.  To access the actual shortcut “properties” option, simply right-click on the jump list entry for “Google Chrome” near the bottom, and click on the “Properties” item on the pop-up list.

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