Friday, October 16, 2009

Privacy is a real Hoot

It starts like this:  I log into my Anthem Insurance member web portal to see my coverage details and search for a doctor for my oldest daughter.  But when I click on my plan details, and click on the link to view the covered names, my wife and my oldest daughter don’t appear anywhere.  It appears they aren’t covered, even though I’m paying for the “self+family” plan and named all four children and my wife.

I submitted a web feedback comment asking what this meant and was it a mistake or were they actually not covered.  Being it’s the “web” and all “technical” and all that, I expected an email reply. Mostly because I had to enter my e-mail address.

They replied with a postal form letter.

It says that persons on the plan of age 18 or older are protected by privacy policies that prevent anyone else from seeing their “information” unless they logon and explicitly grant such permissions.

So, I cannot even see that they are covered.  That’s what “privacy” means to Anthem Insurance.  That makes a lot of sense.  It’s retardedly stupitastically fucking stupid.

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