Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ok, NOW you can dump your login scripts

I need to rectify one of my previous posts (When it’s OK to use Scripting in lieu of Group Policy Preferences).

In particular, the following statement needs to be corrected and clarified somewhat…

GPP makes it as simple as breathing to map drives and printers against an OU or a Site.  You can employ WMI Filtering to add some flexibility to this to work with user group memberships, but it’s a little tricky and adds some additional processing overhead as well.  The bigger and more complicated your WMI query (WQL) becomes, the more overhead it incurs as well.

I completely forgot about a very basic feature of Group Policy Preferences, which is “Item Level Targeting”.  It’s essentially a pretty interface to building simple WMI filter queries (WQL).  See the example below for targeting a drive mapping to a security group.  It’s really cool and easy enoug that even a Mac user can figure it out (hee hee), even with all those confusing buttons on their super-duper “mighty mouse”.


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