Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I had WAY too much time on my hands

This was something I did quite some time ago, but last weekend I went back and neatened it up a bit.  What is it?  Good question:

It’s a draft of what a rail-system (aka light rail) would likely have to resemble in order to be remotely useful to the people in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  If you don’t know what Hampton Roads is, or live anywhere near it, don’t bother.  It wouldn’t make any sense to you.  But if you do…,cid:4241414345656300890&geocode=FSg2MQId1X53-w

All of this is moot anyway.  The concept of a rail system connecting more than even two cities, in the next 20 years, is about as likely as me shitting out a cruise missile with Goofy and Mickey hanging onto it.  This area HATES mass transit.  They want cars and crappy roads and bottlenecks, because it gives everyone something to constantly bitch about.  I used to believe people here really wanted a better way to get around.  Scratch that: just a way to get around, period.  Rather than sitting still on backed-up bridges and tunnels and merge lanes and exit ramps, every morning, every evening, even holiday, weekend, lunch hour, and sprinkle or flake dropping.

I was wrong.  Apparently, surveys have shown that very few care about this situation.  Most believe it is as it should be and that it should not be changed, because change is bad.  The slogan here is “yes, we can, but no we won’t”.  If you’re looking for common sense here, keep moving on.  Nothing to see here.

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