Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ran-dumb Thawtz About Nu-theeng

So, it's Labor Day. The federalized holiday wherein none of us American worker types are supposed to be working. At least not the federal/state/municipal folks. I have nothing going on. The beach is packed to death with tourists. Some 100,000 have flooded, according some news reports, to see oceanfront entertainment. I rode my bike down to the boardwalk yesterday and saw it firsthand. Nothing unusual to report. Tourists are tourists, or terrorists actually.

I noticed that this time however, there was a much larger percentage of foreign tourists than American. I also noticed that the best way to tell them apart is to watch if they use a trash can to dispose of their trash. If they do, they're not American. Americans typically toss their trash on the ground and keep walking, or out the window of their SUV's and trucks as they drive through the red lights. Nothing says "I love America" like a beer can and a burning cigarette butt flying out the window of an SUV.

The music acts are varied this year. Heart. The Romantics. Basically, 80's pop, with some R&B and country, depending upon which day, time slot and which stage (one of five I think). The boardwalk is a mess since they closed the walking path for the tour buses and force the fat slob pedestrians to walk on the bike path, where they collide with bikes. No car shows or anything otherwise interesting to look at besides huge, pasty-white people busting out of too-small clothing. The temperature all weekend has been really nice. A few weeks back we were sweltering in 90's and high humidity, but now it's in low 80's and moderate humidity with plenty of sunshine and a light breeze.

I'm bored.
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