Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bike Riding to the Beach Again

It’s been a month since my last trek to the beach from my house, so I was due for it.  I took the same path down S. Plaza Trail to Virginia Beach Blvd, and followed that to Laskin and hit the oceanfront at 31st street.  The crowd was really thick.  A lot of tourists in town for the Labor Day weekend and all the festivities going on.  I rode up and down the full length of the boardwalk from Rudee to 40th and back a few times. 

The stage at 5th street was buzzing with crowds and the noise of techs warming up the equipment and adjusting the sound.  The drummer sucked.  The sax guy was pretty good.  Too bad I couldn’t stay longer.  My plans changed when my back tire blew out at 12th street on the bike path.  I had to walk a while to meet up with my wife in her van, who evac’d me out like the falling of Saigon.  It was brutal but I somehow survived.

Photos are posted here.  The last nine (9) photos in the gallery were taken today on my ride.  Not very interesting, but eh, who cares.

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