Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Unexpectedly Cool Places I Remember Well

1. Sam Ash Music Center in Manhattan NYC

If you love playing music as much as me, or just love music history memorabilia, this is it.

2. Parasailing off the shore of Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you live here, you should do it at least once.  If you’re visiting, do it anyway.

3. The Smithsonian Institute Museum of ____ (just pick one)

Need I really say more?

4. Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia

One of the best dining and beer experiences I’ve ever enjoyed.

5. Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia

A fantastic park in the heart of Richmond near the James River.

6. Fall River Pass, Colorado

Thin air, clear view, excellent drive.

7. Saugatuck Dune Ride, near Saugatuck, Michigan

The dunes are amazing.  The dune buggy ride will blow your mind.  Saugatuck is like a mix of a college town, an entrepreneur haven and a relaxed summer home town all wrapped in one.

8. Prospect Hill Bed & Breakfast, near Charlottesville, Virginia

My wife and honeymooned there in 1988.  The place is amazing.  Worth every penny.

9. MacKay Island NWR, North Carolina

40 minutes drive from my house and I can’t get there enough.  Peace and quiet.  Nature left alone.  Fishing, flat-land hiking, kayaking or just bird watching.

10. The top floor of ____

The World Trade Center towers in NYC (RIP)

The Empire State Building, NYC

The Chrysler Building, NYC

The (former) Sears Tower, Chicago

The Statue of Liberty, NYC

The Washington Monument, DC

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