Friday, August 28, 2009

10 Things I Hate

1 - Sony / Apple / Adobe

They make shoddy crap with a pretty face on it and sell it for waaaaaay too much money.  They seem to get a pass from the media, their fans and most ignorant asswipes who don’t understand software development basics or the beginner aspects of installation packaging.  The only thing that annoys me more than these companies, is their shitty products.  The only that annoys me more than their shitty products, is their obnoxious ass-licking fans.  At least Microsoft fans know when to shut their mouth.

2 - Intolerance

I simply cannot tolerate intolerance.  Intolerant people should not be tolerated.


A “sport” of watching cars go around a track over and over and the camera panning across the audience of rednecks, wiping Hardees grease from their chin, smoking a Marlboro and drinking a can of Coors.

4 - Democrats and Republicans

Party politics is for suckers.  People who cannot help but let their eyes follow moving shiney objects.  People who look for slight-of-hand tricks aren’t fooled by this game.

5 - Overzealous Vegans

So you don’t eat meat.  That’s nice.  Shut the fuck up.

6 - PETA and SPCA

Both talk a big game but neither do anything at all to help the planet or the well-being of animals.  They’ve become vehicles for sucking in donations and fees.

7 - SUVs

They’re big, ugly, smelly and driven by fucking morons who can’t operate them.  They can pretend to drive them as long as the sun is out and the roads are clear and dry. Once it rains or snows, forget it.  They look like pigs trying to dance.

8 - Bicyclists on the Road

I’m an avid bicyclist.  The roads were built for cars.  Period.

9 - Hidden Agendas

Anyone who can’t openly state their purpose cannot be trusted.  Ever.

10 – Idiots and Ignorance

America worships idiots.  Nature eats them.  End of story.  And: No, ignorant and naive are not the same thing.

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