Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coding and Coding and Formatting and Formatting

It's be a ssssslow day and my brain cells are dissolving while typing this muck into my writer. By the way, I've been switching between browsers and writers trying to find the optimal combination to post reliably and most importantly: predictably. I mean that with respect to code formatting. It's not as simple as you might think. Typing code into IE7 or IE8 is one thing. Typing into Firefox 3.5, or Chrome 1.x or 2.x is another. And using writers like Windows Live Writer, which is very cool, seem to have some issues with content formatting as well.

For example, when typing into Chrome, if you switch modes from "Compose" to "Edit Html", all is good. But as soon as you switch back and make ANY changes, and switch back to HTML view, you will see that it stuffs bloated <apple-span-style> tags all over the place. Like a full-size Canadian Goose on laxatives wandering around your front porch. Just pure crap bloating. Not as bloated and horrific as editing HTML with Microsoft Word, but certainly below my standards. And let me tell you: I have some of the lowest standards known to mankind. If anything fails MY standards, it ain't fit for use by terrorists.

By the way, the <apple-span-style> tag issue has nothing to do with Apple. I'm using Chrome on Windows 7 computers only. I don't have any Macs in my house. It seems to be some weird issue with WebKit, but how it gets from WebKit to Google and has "Apple" buried inside is beyond me. But I keep reading stories about the FTC or SEC or BMF investigating the two over collusion or delusion or infusion or whatever. Who cares. Whatever. So, where was I? ummmm.... uh.... (cough)... oh yeah!

I forgot.
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