Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Follow-Up Comments on our MacKay Island Trip

I forgot to mention a few things about our trip last Saturday:
  • The water levels were the highest I've ever seen them.  That was both inside and outside the lock system.  Even in the interior flood plane was filled in.  The canal along the main entrance road was up to the edge of the gravel roadway also.
  • The large open field to the North of Knapp's old house location, which was the site of his 9-hole golf course, was recently mowed to a 6-inch height.  I have never seen that section of the island mowed before.  Not sure why that is.
  • The main trail from the parking area near the fishing area, back to the split at the mid-point trail has been built up with multiple layers of dirt and gravel.  It is now about 3 or 4 feet higher than it was.  At the mid-point trail it drops back to the level it was, which is only a foot above the mean water level in the surrounding creeks.
  • There are cylindrical crab cages in the creeks all around the island's outer waterways.  One of them had an animal trapped inside and was moving quite a bit, but we couldn't see the animal itself.  No idea why they have those positioned everywhere.  I would estimate somewhere between eight and ten overall.
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