Friday, February 13, 2009

With Liberty and Injustice For All?

The news this past week has left my head spinning.  The remnants of the Bernie Madoff fiasco have morphed into a skewering of the SEC, and rightly so.  But he remains "confined" to his luxurious penthouse condo, hardly an inconvenience. 

Then comes the Peanut / Salmonella situation, and the wonderfully altruistic CEO with his brazen comments.  And that morally corrupted idiot is still walking around "free".

The police bust some two-bit Ponzi-scheme shmuck in Florida and parade his arrest in front of the news cameras to show they are really doing something about all this crap.  Hardly anything at all when you think about it.

Then I look back at what happened to Martha Stewart.  They sent her to prison??!!  For what?  Lying?  Clinton lied.  He didn't go to prison.  Bush lied.  He didn't go to prison (and his lie cost a lot more in terms of true damage).

So, what does this mean?  I don't know.  It means there is NO correlation between harm done by someone and the punishment they receive.  I thought justice was blind.  I think it's deaf and dumb as well.
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