Thursday, February 12, 2009

Windy Run, Beautiful Sunset

I just got home and finished stretching and warming down from a 3 mile jog (note: I don't "run").  The wind was fierce!  Some of the gusts almost knocked me down, and I weight about 195 lbs.  It was a tough jog, but the sky was beautiful and the wind (air) is warm today at 66 degrees F.  Unbelievable for February in Virginia Beach.  The trail around Mount Trashmore Park surrounds a lake, which is the wind typically picks up and hits you with the most force (usually along the South shore of the lake).  I wanted to sit atop the main hill to watch the sun setting over the lake, but the wind on peak is even worse and probably would not have been enjoyable.  Too bad.  The sunset was spectacular.
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