Sunday, February 15, 2009

Techy Geeky News of the Week

Newsbin Pro 5.51 RC1 has been posted.  Change notes are available here.   There is also a 64-bit version now.

Like clockwork, Verizon Wireless turned on "Friends and Family" and I was able to log in and setup my list of 10 non-Verizon contacts very quickly.  So, Eric, we can blabber on without our wives threatening us about airtime minutes.

Vizio announces dumping Plasma for LCD, but then turns around and files suit against a company that sued it for infringing rights on HD technology.  And I thought the economy might slow the litigation battles down a bit.

KDE 4.3 is putting on some shiney motifness it seems.  Hmmm, looks awfully Mac-ish to me.

One of my favorite Wii games, World of Goo, is now available for Linux.

My bet is that David Merrill's Siftables will quickly be snapped up by someone like Mattel or Intel or Microsoft or who knows and be cranked out as a multi-purpose entertainment/education product.  The demonstration at TED 2009 was really cool.

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