Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zune Freezes = Who Cares?

I can't believe how much press coverage this dumb story is getting.  I know two people who own a Zune, out of hundreds of others that do not.  I own seven iPods (kids, wife, my own), as do most of the people I work with.  The Nano freezes ALL OF THE TIME.  It's become so expected that doing the two-button reboot is about as normal as putting on my shoes.  

I've heard from Apple fanboys who tell me it's just me.  Sure.  Whatever.  Four of these iPods were bought from Apple's online store at the same time.  The others were purchased at different times from different places (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target).  Talking to many of my co-workers, they all are well experienced with this same problem, and it almost always relates to the last generation Nano (not the most recent flavor).

Does it cause me a heart attack?  No.  Does it make life unbearable?  No.  It's a minor thing.  But it gets ZERO press coverage because it's Apple and offending Apple fans is like offending Muslims.  But the Zune has maybe 0.01 percent of the customer base of the Nano, and it gets 100 percent of the press coverage if something goes wrong.  Like it really matters?
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