Monday, January 26, 2009

Windows 7 Achillies Heal: IE8

First of all, I'm very impressed overall with Windows 7. It is a huge improvement over Vista and definitely over XP. Everything you read about it is true: faster, cleaner, leaner, stable-er, and so on. But WTF is with IE8?

It seems the IE team is working inside a vacuum. Even a casual look around would make that obvious. Rather than designing v8 to address comeptition, they're choosing a myopic comparison with IE7. Maybe looking at Firefox. But this is 2009. Think about that when you open IE8 next time (if you ever do). In 2009: is that the best UI they can design for a browser? Seriously?

This is probably THE one place they could have put some careful, innovative UI design effort and produced a meaningful impression that Windows 7 is more than just a "Vista 2" update. In most respects, Windows 7 appears to be just that, which is very misleading. But what I'm talking about here is making IE8 *only* for Windows 7. Why bother back-porting it? There is no business case for building a version for XP. Can anyone explain a clear business case for back-porting it? I can't think os a single one. It just seems dumb to me.
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