Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They All Suck - Suckiness Version 2009

Microsoft can't seem to execute on a plan worth a shit when it comes to the desktop or consumer markets.  Windows 7 is showing so much promise, but I'm sure they'll blow something.  They always have.  Apple can't seem to produce a cohesive entertainment device (AppleTV+Time-Capsule+MacMini+AirPort), so we're stuck buying multiple products to "almost" get the job done.  IBM couldn't get a desktop OS out right.  OS/2 was nice, but IBM fumbled that ball on the hike.  HP's compact desktop products look like something two grade-schoolers put together in a garage.  Elegant is NOT the word.  Dell can't decide what market it wants to play in, so it tries all of them and walks away from each one at a time.  Autodesk plugs their ears to the cries of customers asking for a mid-range product that does what they need (at a price they can afford).  Adobe just prices their shit like they're on Pluto and their packaging skills suck horribly (or is "horrifically" a better word?).   Ubuntu and Fedora have stuffed so much crap into their desktop products that they're as bloated and fat as Windows EVER was.  Slow as hell and nothing compelling to show for it beyond "free".  Wow.  I'm not impressed.

This is 2009?  Can't we produce something that works, that we can afford, and ship it on time?
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