Friday, January 23, 2009

Not-So News of Tech

Newsbin Pro 5.5 was officially released after a lengthy beta trial.  I love the way those guys handle their development cycle.  Not too long.  Not too short.  Just right.

KiXtart 4.61 Beta 1 was posted January 2.  The new Replace() function is nice, as are the bug fixes.  If you're still using an older version, my God: get off your butt and move to 4.60 at least.  Geez.  You'll be glad you did.  Tastes great and less filling.

Tech Layoffs galore this past week: Microsoft, Intel, Sun, Disney, TI, Sony, Oracle.  Add to those over the past month or so: IBM, Logitech, EMC, TDK, Motorola, Ericsson, Nortel, Cisco, AMD, Digg (Revision3).  But the most tragic?  Starbucks!!!  Oh my God!!!  I'd rather they lay off government workers than Starbucks people.  Have they no common sense?!?

Apple released an update for their Remote Server Admin Tools.

Question of the Day:  How can anyone juxtapose two seemingly diverse arguments about the impact of Steve Jobs' absense?  That (a) he was an important [if not THE most important] force in the shaping of Apple and its continued success, and that (b) Apple can continue to innovate and succeed without him?

Inspired by the work of Paul Thurrott, I posted my very first Windows 7 Theme Pack (soon to be renamed "Style" pack) for Virginia Beach.  Check it out (if you have Win 7 installed).  It won't bite, but it has a few nice photos I've taken.

Have computers really solved more problems than they've created?  If you answered that question in less than 30 seconds of intense thought, you're fooling yourself.
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