Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MacWorld on Twitter

Twitter was the bomb today.  I'm really loving it now.  I guess it took a second try for me to get hooked.  It also helps to have TwitterBerry on my Blackberry. :)

Some interesting tweets today:

Paul Thurrot: "Final recap on Macworld.  Mostly "eh".  Exception: Battery on new 17-in MBP is interesting, unless they start catching on fire 2 mos from now"

Jason Calcanis: "#mwsf09 yawn so far"

Ryan Block: "Sun's not quiet up yet, getting prepped.  Should be an interesting morning for the gadget world"

Scott Lowe: "I'm highly upset with Apple right now. Apparently, they disabled Kerberos support for SMB shares from the Finder in Leopard...why? Stupid!"

Alex Albrecht: "seems like most people are underwhelmed by the Apple Keynote at MacWorld. What do you guys think?"

Me:  Well, my view is somewhat limited by the fact that I had to work and get my information secondhand.  In general I didn't see anything that looked "amazing".  The battery stuff isn't really new, but to Apple fans I suppose it is.  Freeform polymer battery with intercell logic has been kicked around for at least a year or two.  I've seen several patents applied for it from universities to corporations (mostly in Japan).  I've always thought Apple does a better job of putting on a show than anyone else except maybe Hollywood, from a marketing perspective.  If only Microsoft could figure out how to do that.
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