Friday, January 16, 2009

Cranium Drainium 10

It's been cold as crap here. Everywhere from the Midwest to the East coast it seems.

Jet crashes in the Hudson. Does it make any sound?

Nortel goes belly-up. Apple appears to be imploding. Microsoft appears to be wandering aimlessly in the desert. Google appears to be Googling.

With the incoming Carol Bartz, Yahoo looks like it will merge into Microsoft in much the same way as that chunk of liquid metal absorbed into the foot of the T-1000 in T2. Cool scene. Too bad it won't make Yahoo! anywhere near as cool.

Chrome 2.0 is interesting, and stable on Windows 7 *except* for Google Maps, which seems to make it crash EVERY SINGLE TIME. Works fine with Live Maps and Yahoo! Maps. Go figure. It also hoses up the Edit Posts CSS and Javascript for Blogger. Doh!

It seems to be fashionable to protest IDF reaction to being attacked by Hamas rockets for months. Nobody protests the rocket attacks. I guess that means it's fashionable to wish for Israelis to simple lay down and let themselves be killed off.

Drinking coffee is supposed to cut your risk of Alzheimer's disease. I cant' remember where I read that however.

Is there anyone NOT laying off in 2009?

The ill-conceived and amazingly well executed light rail system, "The Tide", is progressing on schedule through the west end of Norfolk. Too bad it has a crappy design for merging rail and car traffic at the WORST choke points in Norfolk. God almighty. Too bad the Virginia Beach extension is doomed to endless delay while the state and city governments wrestle with horrendous budget cuts.

Titan's Schwartz took the job in Detroit. Poor bastard. Why haven't the Lions moved somewhere else!? If you're familiar with the area around the Superdome, you know what I mean when I say downtown Baghdad is safer to visit. They should have moved to Ann Arbor by now. WTF.

Comparing the cost of riding the bus to driving my car to work every day (64 miles round trip) I discovered that it becomes break-even at $2.10 per gallon of gas. Above that, the bus is cheaper, but only by a little, until it approachs $3.00 per gallon. I guess we will see what happens with OPEC cutting production this year. 1974 version 2.0?

Fish poop is good for the ocean. Who'd have thunk it?
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