Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Gray, Cold, Drizzly, Crappy Day in Virginia Beach

The fine print says we're not allowed to have snow here. We're not budgeted for snow. We're not even allowed to have fun if it should snow, however unlikely that is. I remember when it snowed here a few years back though. Mount Trashmore was blanketed and became an obvious magnet for anyone with any materials that could be used to slide down the hill sides. But OH NO, can't have any of that here. The police surrounded the perimeter and warning everyone that sliding was not permitted. No fun here! Might get hurt. Nevermind that they have a concrete skateboard park less than 100 yards away, in the SAME park. How they rationalize that I will never understand.

But regardless, we don't have any snow today. Just 39 degrees and drizzle. Crap. Uber crapness. Sheer madening crappiness. Crapativity. Crapulation. Crapaciousness. Crap-a-lap-a-ding-dong.
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