Saturday, December 27, 2008


That's what my son calls it.  Going "YouTubing", or spending an hour, or three, surfing around YouTube to find interesting things.  My YouTube home page has been piling up favorites for quite a while.  Yesterday a bunch of my family came to visit and late last night we gathered around the big TV with the Dell box and did some "communal YouTubing", which was a lot of fun.  Music clips, comedy clips, stupid tricks clips, you name it.  If you look at my favorites page, you might think it's all music performance clips, but if you browse through a few pages you'll find a lot more than that (if you have time).  Even a few I posted myself.  There's some really good content coming out these days.  With the emergence of HD podcasts, podcast series, YouTube and streaming sites like Hulu, it's kind of exciting to see the media world opening up.  To think back just eight years and none of this was prominent.  Two clips by comedian Brian Regan had us all ROTFL last night. "Working Out" and "Food Labels".  Enjoy!
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