Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ponzi Shmonzi - We're So Hosed

Wall Street execs are still flying around in their private jets while we're getting sodomized with help from MC Hanky Paulson and the Treasure Posse.  Bernie Madoff (the name sounds so cute and cuddly) gets to ride around in his limo under "tighter surveillance", yet Martha Stewart was sent to prison.  Say what?  Huh?!

Tell me how Martha Stewart harmed anyone from what she supposedly did?  Tell me how she was more harmful, no, strike that, tell me how she was AS harmful as Madoff?   Does her list of victims look anything like Madoff's list?

How did Chrysler get included in the bail-out when their owner/investors refused to pony up any more cash?  Cerebus is loaded folks, don't let anyone kid you.  They "had to" because failing to approve this bullshit bail-out presented a "danger to the national economy".  Nevermind that (a) this bail-out is short-term because sales are not getting better, so they'll be back for another hand-out in a few months, and (b) Cerebus and Chrysler are privately owned, we the American public are getting a Federal Handjob and an executive order to smile about it.

It looks like efforts to keep us dumber than dumb are working.  Nobody seems to care about getting ripped off anymore.
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