Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Other Brainz?

As much as I post here, and over at BlogCastRepository, I actually post much more frequently on my Google News Reader "Shared News" page.  This is actually my favorite "stream of conciousness" output vector.  As I run across interesting or humorous things, I share them here, and often include a brief comment to go with it.  Sort of a mini-blog with a sort of Twitter-ish aspect I suppose.  I gave up on Twitter because I just don't do anything very interesting.  My Twitter stream looked like this usually...

- Driving to work
- At work
- Driving home
- Eating
- Going to bed

Pretty much an electronic version of watching the grass grow.  I've also retreated from Facebook and LinkedIn for essentially the same reasons.  I'm learning to trim back down to just the things that work within the narrow confines of my narrow brain.  Some people can maintain a vast array of outlets, which is indeed impressive and admirable.  I'm actually considering more contraction in my life outlets.  This blog may be one such thing.  I don't know yet.  But I will probably keep posting shared items on Google Reader.
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