Saturday, December 13, 2008

Microsoft: Please Redo your Home Page?

My God man.  (pronounced like Scotty on Star Trek).  What has happened to the home page?  It's embarrassing.  It's dumb.  It looks completely unplanned and forced together.

How is it that the MSDN and TechNet sites look so clean, crisp and easy to navigate, yet the main home page looks like a train wreck with fresh paint?  Can they make any two sites look similar?  Look at Mix, Microsoft Partners, MMS, Connect, Online Services, and you'll quickly realize just how vastly uncoordinated their divisions and strategies are when it comes to presenting a public face.  No other company goes this far in so many directions that I know of.  Not Apple, nor Adobe or IBM, not Intel, not even Autodesk.  They all have some, but Microsoft actually has at least three times as many as the examples I've listed above.

Here's an idea:  Consistency.
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