Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cranium Drainium 8: Tricky Tacky Techy

Former Yahoo! exec Qi Lu is now head of online operations at Microsoft. Probably a good move.

AT&T is cutting 12,000 jobs.  Adobe is cutting back also.

Garth Jones (MyITForum) posted a very nifty example of how to create a SQL/AD joined report in System Center.  Check it out.  He mentions the dreaded 1000 record limit on LDAP queries, but here's a link to info on how to adjust that to your needs.

Mark Russinovich never ceases to amaze me (or anyone else for that matter).  He mentions (over at Channel9) that like Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 will also support the very-cool "boot from VHD" feature.  I'm sure VMware will be trying to one-up that.

Here's a rather handy tip for ThinApp packaging of Nero 8 by build.bat.

Looks like the folks in the Microsoft Deployment Group are cooking up some new stuff for MDT 2010.

Want to know how to setup Apache 2.2 on Vista?

"Cash-strapped" school looking to sell ad space on test papers.  Some are freaked out by this.  I see no big deal.  If it helps buy new supplies, go for it.  Nobody seems to care about "Bob's Plumbing" ads all over the sports score boards, or plastered throughout yearbooks.  Maybe they should sell ad space on chalkboards, whiteboards, desks, textbooks, and within school internal Sharepoint sites.

The App-V group posted this how-to for streaming Visual Studio 2008 in App-V.  I really don't know if that's a good thing.  I wonder how long that would take to cache the F1 block.  Holy crap!

I didn't even know we had Uranium in the ground near us.  Damn.

Microsoft posted the advanced "advisory" for December updates.

Google has been busy lately.  Quietly slipping in updates to GMail and Reader.  Today they pushed out a new sidebar layout for Reader.  I don't think it really helps.  They could use a "themes" feature like GMail has.

Th-th-th-that's all for now.
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