Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cranium Drainium 7: News and Meaningless Rants

VMware renamed all of their products to be more like Microsoft's (too long and too many syllables).  I suppose Maritz felt that making them longer to pronounce adds perceived value.

Windows Vista SP2 and WS08 SP2 beta releases are supposed to happen this week.  It really seems dumb to just name WS08's first service pack "2" instead of "1", even though it's the same codebase patch (yes, you heard right:  The same service pack will work on both products).  Want more information?  Sure you do.  Get the download.

Google released a new desktop Gmail gadget for Google Desktop users.  Yawn.

The Simpson's recently harpooned Apple and Steve Jobs.  That already got enough press and blog coverage.  Looks like Groening was venting over a problem with his iPhone maybe?

And speaking of Apple, they're now beginning to enjoy the fruits of gaining marketshare:  the attention of malware producers.  Time to start buying antivirus products?

The EU is crafting cyber-crime legislation that would grant them unlimited power to execute remote searches.  I was just about to laugh, until I realized we're way ahead of them.

I ditched my AppleTV for a Dell desktop hooked to my Vizio 42 inch LCD.  Incredible.  I will never go back.  Apple should have never made the AppleTV, but should have simply followed through on all the rumors about making a "Mac Mini Media" device.  Even to have the ability to plug additional storage into the useless USB port on the side of it would make it more useful.  Maybe a Time Capsule extension capability.  Oh well.  This feels like taking a load of bricks off.  Unlimited access to the web, YouTube, playing all media formats, no more having to synch everything in order to play it.  And I still have iTunes if I need it.  And because it's running in an AD domain, I have it fully managed and account access is time restricted (kid control is awesome, -insert diabolical laughter here-).  I laid on the couch with the mouse on my stomach and keyboard on my lap and configured some accounts and GPO settings via remote desktop, did my email and chat and playing music, from across the room on a big screen TV.  The epitome of laziness.  It makes working on a 22 inch desktop monitor seem lame.

Winter sucks when you live along the mid-Atlantic seaboard.  Cold without snow is crap.  Not that five feet of snow is fun to deal with (my family hails from Denver, my inlaws from Michigan), but a little would be nice.

Obama named Hillary for SoS.  That keeps her at safe distance.  Not much chance she would be in position to run against him in 2012 now.  Given that most of his staff are either existing or former incumbant types (Gates, etc.) it's looking more like "Change we Can Wait For" now.  Not that McCain would have done any different.  They're all the same.

I found it humorous that I can buy a Blackberry 8830 World Edition at Verizon Wireless for $99 (on my 2-year renew program), but under my employer's so-called "employee discount" program, it lists for $149.99.  That's some discount, eh?

Signing off for a while.  Take care.  Have a happy holidays.
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