Thursday, December 18, 2008

BestBuy = Early Buy-Outs ?

The news says BestBuy revenue earnings dropped 77 percent and now they're offering employee buy-outs to reduce roles and cut costs.  This is hard to believe, from my viewpoint.  The BestBuy near my house is literally PACKED 24x7.  Every day of the week, you have to circle their parking lot to find a space.  Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm: packed.  Sunday at 1:00 pm: packed.  Good weather, bad weather: packed.  Now, across the street is an old Circuit City.  It has NEVER been packed since I've lived here (8+ years now).  Not during any holiday shopping season that I can recall.  So hearing about Circuit City taking a nose-dive didn't surprise me one bit.  But I have to assume that there are enough crappy BestBuy stores elsewhere to counter the results of stores like ours.  Wow.  I'm no fan of BestBuy but they are close to my home.  The joke has always been "Best buy = Worst service", since you can't get good help for anything while you're there.  You'd better show up prepared to hunt what you need or want, because the staff sure isn't going to help you decide what you need.
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