Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Can't be in The Middle on Anything

It has become apparent to me, that in this country (America) at least, no one is going to allow you to remain in the middle of any ideological debate. It defies their logic. I shouldn't say "no one" I suppose, because that would make me a generalist, and I hate generalizations. But anytime you sit in "the middle" and make an observation about one of "the sides" you are immediately labeled as being on the other side. If you pick on Obama, you're a right-wing nut-job militant. If you pick on McCain, you're a left-wing liberal goon. And what makes me laugh is that both "sides" are so brainwashed and entrenched that no matter what you say to back up your centrist beliefs, they won't believe you. They are immediately and firmly convinced you are the enemy. You have stepped over the line and can never go back. Catholic or Protestant. Christian or Jew or Muslim. Apple or Microsoft. Red Sox or Yankees. Ford or Chevy. Sure, you can be Hindu, Linux, Cardinals, and Dodge in these debates, but you're still the "other side" to all of the players in the argument. Just an observation.
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