Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uh Oh. Back to Dumb. Google Doesn't Close the Gap

There's no shortage of complaints about the disjointed interface Google has provided for it's smattering of "cloud" services.  Few settings are shared across applications like Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Notes, Reader, and Picasa.  The skimpy breadcrumb menu strip on the top is about as close as we get to a homogenous or semi-cohesive interface.

I already mentioned the really nice addition of "themes" for Google Mail. But that setting is only available (and applicable) to Gmail.  Nothing else.  Huh?

As much as I like what Google has done in general, they never seem to get from "beta" to "final" on things.  Even when they remove "beta" (which is rare).  Come on.  Can't they tie the stuff together a little more cleanly?  How about at least making the theme setting apply across the main applications?  Is that asking too much?  Geez.
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