Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to Shut Up

The election is over. It doesn't matter whether you're happy and giddy that your guy won, or sad and whiney because your guy lost. It's over. Get used to it. Get the hell back to work and cut your lawn, do your laundry, pay your bills, shut the hell up.

We're all sick to death of the endlessly moronic TV commercials, the web ads, the radio ads, the trashy signs stuck all over town and in everyone's yards. Nobody cares what you think. Nobody cares what I think either (except you of course, you are reading this, so....).

You might as well argue about the sun rising or the tides changing. It's pointless and useless. Your one vote didn't matter anyway. Not one single precinct was decided by a single vote. Not one. In fact: NO ELECTION IN HISTORY HAS BEEN DECIDED BY ONE VOTE. And even if it somehow ever did: The electoral college is all that matters. Your vote is simply a suggestion. This is not a "democracy" and if you didn't know that you're ignorant as hell.

The president in office doesn't really make much of an immediate difference to markets or social agendas anyway. It takes an entire term for them to gain traction in terms of passing legislation. So anything that happens is usually a residual of the previous term. Presidents simply take credit for what goes well and assign blame for what fails. It's ways been that way. It will always be that way.

There's no basis for assessing or judging the new president. The past administrations haven't done squat to help us as much as sending money overseas to help everyone else. I'm sure Indonesia will rebuild from the Tsunami quicker than we will rebuild the Gulf Coast. And we have to make sure our professional athletes are able to pay for their steroids to keep us entertained every weekend. Nobody really cares about fixing anything, they just want to be reassurred someone else is fixing it. Just don't interrupt our favorite TV shows.

Let's all enjoy the lack of stupid mudslinging ads and get back to preparing for the holidays.

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