Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Logic that Escapes Me

Just a thought I wanted to post before I forgot to mention it.  It seems there's a trend forming with talking out of two sides of the mouth in public.  Whether it's the CEO's of the auto makers flying down in private jets to beg for hand-out money, or the RIAA pleading for copyright extensions to protect their starving artists, who showcased their 40 bedroom mansion on MTV Cribs, to the on-again/off-again relationship between North and South Korea.  It seems nobody can talk with a straight voice or a clear direction anymore.  I wonder if any of these folks ever learned what an "axiom" is back in school.

This morning on GMA, they were attempting to apply some of this "logic" to higher food prices (related to Thanksgiving of course).  They itemized the price increases for each basic food item, noting that Turkey was the highest, and then posed the rhetorical question: "So, why are prices up when gas prices are down?"  I waited.  I held my breath.  I crossed my fingers.   I scratched my ass, oops, sorry.  They answered: "Because most food items were shipped over the Summer, when gas prices were still high".   Really?  They shipped all these turkeys over the Summer?!?

I'm starting to wonder if the media has gotten to the point where they can look us in the "eye" and say things like "because 2 plus 2 is 10, that's why." and we just accept it without batting an eye.  Amazing.  Social media engineering is reaching nirvana.
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