Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cranium Drainium

Listening to No Agenda, one of my favorite podcasts. Great show this week.

Listening to the Twilight soundtrack. It's very good.

I saw Quantum of Solace with my son today. It's good, but I have a few issues with it. For one: too much jerky, jumpy, action camera crap. Second: the motorcycle jump onto the boat was totally unnecessary and useless. The suspension of disbelief was suspended during that part.

Great interview with Ray Ozzie in one of the geek mags I get for free. I can't recall which one, because I ingest them quickly and toss them in the trash.  Great use of trees, especially for something covering technology.  Go figure.  And speaking of free IT mags, have you ever tried to cancel a subscription to one of those? You can't. I've tried to cancel three of them and they still send me the "Urgent! This could be your last issue, act now!" That was 14 issues ago. They're still canceling me. I suppose it's a slow process.

I had to attend a one day "training class" on Office 2007 a week ago. It was interesting. Mostly the view of the "city center" water fountain and fantastic layout of the park that surrounds it. It was tough to focus on the subject matter.

Looks like "comfort items" fared well in the markets recently. Beer, fast food, video games, movie rentals, pizza deliveries. Mental escapes are profitable.

Dell's new Studio Hybrid is pretty cool, and affordable. They're running a special with a Core 2 Duo CPU, 3 GB RAM, a 250 GB SATA drive, built-in wireless, and a 19-inch monitor for
$799. Not bad.  I look at that and I can't see why in the world I would ever consider spending twice that much for an Apple product.  Nothing wrong with Apple products, but the cost is out of my realm of reality.

Obama isn't even president yet and he's got a podium with "Office of the President Elect".  Wow.  That's not even a real entity.  Totally made up.  Nobody cares.  I really hope he is successful.  I hope any president is successful.  Why would any American want their president, whoever it is, to fail?  I don't understand that mindset.  Even if you don't care for the candidate, the race is over, adjust.  I agree with South Park's take on it:  Obama and McCain are part of the same syndicate and are planning a heist.  The whole election was a ruse to distract everyone.  LOL.

Rumors are pegging oil heading for $30 a barrel.  Amazing.  I doubt that seriously. Before it gets to that point, OPEC will shut off the pipelines and do another embargo.  Why wouldn't they?

I'm going to bed.
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