Friday, November 28, 2008

Cranium Drainium 5: Beautiful Day

Yesterday was one of the best Thanksgiving get-togethers I can remember. Too short of course. But very nice nonetheless.

Today is sunny and warmer than usual for this region this time of year. Pushing 60 F with only a slight breeze. I'm at the local park today, watching the swarm of skateboarders and bmx bikers focus on shredding and flying. The problem is that there's too many to allow enough room for anyone to really cut loose. In any case, my son and his friends are weaving through the action and having a good time.

I'm listening to the latest episode of DSC ( Even though its one of my favorite shows, he can slip off the left-wing wagon into the mud of extremist conspiracy thinking. However, just when you think it's over, he manages to deftly get back on the wagon and keep moving in a coherent direction. Anyhow, the show is never dull for me.

Tomorrow is supposed to rain, same for Sunday. Today is a rare gem of a day here. "Beautiful Day. Don't let it get away." - Bono
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