Monday, November 24, 2008

Cranium Drainium 3

Stopped at the Verizon Wireless store and played with a Blackberry Storm today.  It's nice.  But it has a camera, so that's a showstopper.  No camera phones at work.  The UI is nifty, the response is cute. The pressure-sensitive surface is pretty cool.  I played with an iPhone for about 45 minutes at the Apple store a few months back.  Compared to that, the Storm is pretty close in some respects, but it needs a little more polish.  There are some quirks still.  I may get one in the future, but after 1.0

My son snapped the gooseneck on his BMX bike doing tricks at the skate park.  He's really getting good at jumping ramps and flying off of angular things.  I picked up a new high-tech gooseneck for $20 at a bike shop and he's happy.

Obama is begging Congress to approve a "stimulus package".  Funny.  We used to refer to that name for porn magazines when we were younger.  (snicker)

Bush pardoned 14 convicts today.  I'm sure the Republican folk will ignore that, even though they went ballistic over Clinton doing the same thing when he split town.

Gas is $1.55 a gallon at the WaWa down the street.

OneCare Live is going bye bye.  Project "Morro" is going to replace it with a free subset (sans the startup apps manager).

Project "Kumo" is getting attention because Microsoft grabbed that domain name.  Everyone is trying to figure out what it will be used for.

I still hate the home page.  They should let the MSDN or TechNet folks redesign it for them.

CitiGroup gets a hand-out.  We get a hand-job.

Apple and Google are almost dead even on market cap.  Stock prices are way different.  Microsoft is almost a cash-heavy as both of them combined.

GNR finally released Chinese Democracy, to the anger of the P.R.C.  Oh well.  You can't please everyone.  Especially not 400 billion Chinese.  Personally I think it's a fantastic compilation.  I like IRIS myself, but Better is really good. The whole set is fantastic.  Great work.

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