Monday, November 17, 2008

Confusing News: Too Fat or Hungry?

What's going on in America?  Discovery Channel has spent two days on stories about people who are "super morbid obese", complete with testimonials from doctors, therapists, family and friends, all droning on about how fat we're getting.  Obese kids with aged arteries.  Then the West Virginia story comes out, and another guy drops weight to enlist in the Marine Corpse.   I mean, seriously, Yahoo News has a whole section dedicated exclusively to "Weight Loss" ?

But then today there's news that "More kids went hungry in 2007" than in previous years.  WTF?

I'm confused.  Which is it?  Are we obese or starving?  Too much food or too little?  We have a nutritional imbalance and something needs to be done about it.  Forget the economy.  Forget terrorism.  Forget bailing out little car factories and airlines.  The time has come to start up the trucks and start moving the food from where there's too much, to where there's not enough.   Change we can believe in:  Changing the location of food.  We obviously have enough for everyone.  The problem is distribution and allocation.  Logistics is the answer.

Yes, I'm poking fun.  Relax.
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