Friday, October 17, 2008

Why are there Curtains on Voting Booths?

That is a really good question. Maybe its time to get rid of them. Everywhere I turn I see bumper stickers, yard signs, road signs, even airplane banners, blabbering loudly about who someone is going to vote for.  Buttons and pins.  "Vote for ___".  

I can't even count how many people are ready and willing to tell you in person why you should (heck: "must") vote for their favorite liar, oops, I mean politician.  So having curtains on voting booths is a complete waste of effort and money.  Imagine the money we could save.  If curtains averaged $50 per booth, and there are a million booths, that would be approximately $500 gazigabillion megabucks. We could build mass transit systems. We could buy back mortgage debt. Feed the hungry.  Plant crops.  Make electric cars.  Build moon bases.  But, please: No more of this stupid privacy stuff. Who needs it?  Next up:  House doors.  Who needs them?  Even more savings.

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