Monday, October 13, 2008

Dumping the Chumps

Talk about a lame choice this year.  I'm 44 and of all the elections I can recall this one has the absolute worst set of candidates for EVERY SINGLE job.  I mean, it's embarrassingly horrible.  From our representatives to senate to president to school board.  You name it, it sucks.  I'm really struggling to motivate myself to vote.  Mainly so I set an example for my kids, but also so I can get one of those really cool stickers and then grab a sign and rip it to pieces as I run from the school.  That's the best part of voting, right?  Ok, I'm kidding.

I just want the election to be OVER.  The ads on TV are worse than waterboarding.  I'm ready to stick an ice pick into my ears to stop the torture.  Each candidate slinging mud at the other.  Candidates I've never even heard of are acting like they've been slinging mud for decades.  Too much PAC budget being wasted.  They could have fed some hungry families (like mine, for example) and gained some more supporters.

Oh well.  I think what I will do is simply "dump the chumps".  I mean it.  I'm going to vote against anyone holding an office because they suck.  The people running against them suck too, but I'll trade the unknown suckiness for the known suckiness this time around.  And I'll get a cool "I Voted - But you Suck!" sticker on the way out.  Game on!
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