Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who's Dog in What Fight?

WARNING:  STRONG LANGUAGE may follow.  You have been warned.

Choices.  Choices.  Choices.

Republican or Democrat?
Old and Experienced, or Young and Eager?
A Change of Lies or a Lie of Changes?
Bail-Out or Rescue?

On one hand we have a split right down the middle of the GOP regarding the "bail-out" (now being referred to as the "rescue plan" for mass-consumption compatability).  Bring mommy in to pick up the kids who failed to run their little banks properly (whilst mommy was ignoring them to maintain the de-regulation ideal) and wipe their noses and put some cash back in their pockets.  Save them from their mistakes, so that they can move on to repeat them again.  However, forget the working class who got screwed.

On the other hand, we have the group that doesn't want to call mommy in to save anyone at all.  Let them suffer and learn, regardless of the pain and impact.

Seems like there needs to be a compromise of plans, not votes.  How about some added flexibility for homeowners to help with mortgage difficulties?  How about some caps on CEO parachutes?  How about some common sense?

I've heard so many opinions on this from many sides and one that particularly pisses me the fuck off is the attitude that those of us with "mortgage difficulties" somehow brought it on ourselves.  The most common thought being that we overborrowed.  I didn't overborrow, I simply got under-employed dipshits.  Asshole idiot motherfuckers.  I borrowed well within my salary means.  I had money to spare to buy things and put back into our local economy.  Things were good.  Then things were not good.  I got laid off.  That put us behind a few months, even with draining our savings as a result.  So, according to the logic du jour, this was my fault.  I could have prevented being laid off.  When I hear that faulted "logic" I want to break my entire leg off in their ass and then smack them in the head with the remaining stump.

I'm sure plenty of people out there over-borrowed, but I can vouch with complete honesty that most mortgage lenders were PUSHING HARD to get people to over-borrow.  They knew what they were doing.  Anyone that thinks the "average homeowner" should be (or is) smart enough to second guess their lender's advice has obviously not taken a reading of the "average" intelligence or intuition of your "average" American.  Look around in traffic sometime.  I rest my case.  No sir.  The lenders should be held accountable for misleading borrowers.  They knew better than anyone when they were inflating their credit ratings and pushing to add one more loan or line of credit (whatever you want to call it).  Even skeptical borrowers could be swayed by the craftiest of salesmen, oops, lender agents, out there preying on them.

I really don't want to see this "bail-out" / "rescue plan" go through.  It's benefiting the very people that fucked the rest of us.  It's a bad idea.  Very bad.  History has been repeated and nobody paid attention or learned from the last one in 1929.  De-regulation without oversight sounded great during the 80's and 90's and now the chickens have come home to roost.  And now they want to bail them out and save the screw-ups while letting the crew go down with the ship.  Even worse, we get to watch one CEO after another jump out of the crashing airplane with a golden parachute, complete with a recliner chair and champagne served to them on their way down to a soft landing, someplace nice and sunny and warm no less.  It's fucked up.

Let's not overlook that part of this "rescue" is to put unchecked, unlimited power into the hands of Mr. Paulson, former Goldman-Sachs CEO.  Effectively shifting our entire banking and financial system into a federally managed system.  Sound familiar?  It's called SOCIALISM.  BAD IDEA!  Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, all have banking systems run that way, it's unconstitutional and wrong.  Nobody seems to care.  As long as they don't interrupt Dancing with the Stars or the NASCAR race, everything's just fine.  We're fucked.
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