Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't Wanna Be Like Ike

Ike the hurricane, that is. The news is rife with painful gas shortages hitting the southeast this weekend. Atlanta was mentioned mostly, but so were places like Charlotte, and Raleigh, NC. The same pipeline that feeds those places from the gulf area also feeds up through Virginia and into Maryland. So far we're not seeing it here, which is good, since we sit almost directly on the VA/NC border. Gas prices here rose a little, but have been holding in the $3.49 to $3.70 range for regular unleaded. Geez. We're on one vehicle now and the commute is manageable, but if prices go up really high again it's going to be tough to handle. I make a 64 mile round-trip commute to work every day. Not much choice really. Our operation doesn't permit telecommuting due to the nature of our work. Geez. I really need to win the lottery.
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