Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hey Microsoft: How 'bout some Extras to go with this Vista Ultimate Extras?

I love Vista. It's not perfect, but I tend to like it more than most people. However, I'm a bit miffed that there's nothing really meaningful behind the "Extras" tacked onto the end of the name of my copy of Vista Ultimate Extras Edition. Texas Hold 'Em Poker is about it. Oh yeah and Bit Locker. Woopie. How about some decent screensavers? How about some special wallpaper? My God. Those things don't cost squat to produce but it might help to at least TRY to make this worthwhile. Instead of spending money on the stupid "Mojave" experiment and worthless shlock posted to the download center (check it out, they're posting more whitepapers and case studies than real software now), how about posting something to call Vista "Extra"?
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