Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad Advice from Such a Close Neighbor?

Anyone that has worked with Autodesk products for more than five years knows that they closely align themselves with Microsoft in many ways. To me it always seemed like big brother and little brother, even insofar as squabbling at times over little stuff.

Since one of the things I support at my day job are Autodesk products, I try to stay abreast of knowledge base articles as they come out. This one caught my eye because I'm a happy user of Windows Vista and any tech issues that relate to Vista are of interest to me.

This article clearly gives recommendation to turn off a key security feature: UAC. Simply to make an installation work properly. Funny that other installations do not require this, but that's not the most concerning aspect of this to me. The biggest problem I see with this article is that it doesn't mention turning UAC back "on" afterwards. Nope. Just turn it off and leave it off. Talk about boneheaded. Some people whine about UAC, but I don't see it as being any worse than what I've had to deal with on Linux for years and years. UAC is a good thing. Get used to it.
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