Sunday, July 6, 2008

Reproducible Firefox 3 bug?

Every single time I log into GoDaddy using Firefox 3, and click the submit button, Firefox locks up and crashes with the dreaded message "Firefox 3 has stopped responding and will now close". This is on my Dell E520 with Vista Ultimate and 4GB RAM. IE7 works fine. This is yet another irritating reason I have to keep two browsers on my machines. I would use FF3 24/7 if all the sites worked with it and didn't cause it to crash.

Why GoDaddy? Because some of my customers host with them and I have to be able to log in to maintain things for them. I personally don't prefer GoDaddy. But this makes it painful to work with them. The biggest irritation of GoDaddy is how they die their PHP admin site to the main login console session. You can't go directly to it without first hitting the customer login console. Arg!
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