Friday, July 18, 2008

iTunes + Windows = Hell

I've reached the conclusion that Apple designs iTunes updates to intentionally make problems for Windows users. But more sinister than this, it is designed to evoke problems every-other-release. Not every release. The latest has proven this for me at least. I run iTunes on XP and Vista, and have since version 6. Since 7.0 came out, every other release has caused problems. The most common problem is corrupted library files. I follow the same KB suggestions to delete the ITL file and re-import the XML file and it works, usually. But not this time. Same as two crashes (four releases) ago. I was able to recover my movies and music, but not my podcasts. I'm sorry, but iTunes is crap. It's crapware. It's no doubt written for OSX, but not for Windows. Odd that there's more than twice as many Windows iTunes users as OSX iTunes users.
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