Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Back!

I was trying to post a mix of personal and professional (well, sort of) crap on my other blog ( but that was causing some issues with trying to focus on the goals of that site in general. I was trying to post more content to promote the video learning sessions I've posted on the Level 5 IT Guides section, but that effort has been painfully slow to take off. I still have more work to do on it, but my time is becoming increasingly limited.

After two months without a job, I started my own business and that's been consuming all my time now. My kids each have their own sports things going on so that eats the remaining time, in between starting a new day job, eating, sleeping and commuting. The commute to the new job is about 30 minutes in the morning, and one hour in the evening. On Fridays it's 2 hours. I've got to trade my truck in for something smaller and better on gas.

This whole ordeal has been a life-changing event for me. When you get laid off you really discover things about yourself, your goals and beliefs. You find out who your friends are. I was amazed who stuck their neck out for me to help me through this period, and who simply talked or those that just went silent on me. I've been re-evaluating everything and have decided to reign in my efforts and focus on my job and my family for now. The time I was spending trying to swim upstream and "get ahead" was doing well for me for years, until this year. This year I've discovered that many of my expectations were simply wrong. I had aspirations to be much more than God set me up for. The skills I thought had value turned out to have zero value. I've spent years building up nothing and now I'm going to stop and change directions. Keep things simple. I could be bitter or depressed, but I'm not. I've just realized at 44, finally, that I'm not going to be a wealthy entrepreneur or "successful" visionary that I always thought I would be. I'm just Dave.
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